Windows 8

Windows 8 operating system for 64-bit computers


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Windows 8 64-bit is the version of the Microsoft operating system that introduced the Metro interface.

With Windows 8, Microsoft builds on previous successes by integrating support for tablets and other portable computing devices. In addition to the traditional desktop mode, you get a desktop that’s optimized for touch screens and works well with mobile-style apps. You can transition between desktop and tablet mode with ease. If your device is better suited to one or the other, then you can just leave in that mode. However, the transition is convenient for devices that support both.

This version is the 64-bit edition, which means that it’s configured specifically for 64-bit CPUs. The alternative to this is a 32-bit edition, and it’s imperative that you choose the appropriate version of Windows 8 for your setup. For the average user, the difference between 32- and 64-bit editions is all behind the scenes, but, it's important to note that the 64-bit machines can be a bit more responsive when running multiple apps. Furthermore, while you can run Windows 8 32-bit on a 64-bit machine, you can’t run a 64-bit OS on a 32-bit CPU.

Windows 8 64-bit includes all the great tools you’ve come to expect from Windows, such as a built-in web browser, email client, media center and so forth. One of the major differences is that these programs now have Metro support, or they’re available in an app version designed for Metro. Otherwise, this OS is much like Windows 7. Windows Update will ensure that your computer stays up to date and secure, and System Restore will let you roll back to a working configuration should anything ever go wrong.


  • Highly stable and customizable OS
  • Supports traditional and Metro apps
  • Excellent touch screen support


  • Transition to the Metro UI a bit of a shock
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